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Navy Gliding
The Royal Navy Gliding and Soaring Association (RNGSA) exists to promote the sport and Adventurous Training activity of gliding within the Royal Navy. There are 3 very active clubs which all provide the opportunity to glide at weekends and during leave periods, Portsmouth Naval GC (PNGC) at Lee on Solent, Heron GC at Yeovilton and the Seahawk GC at Culdrose. PNGC can also glide during the week.

Each club can provide all the support and training required in the sport to take a pilot from his first flight, through solo to what ever standard he or she wants to achieve, and that includes the national team, in a relaxed and socially enjoyable atmosphere. The aim for all pilots to enjoy the sport and have fun in a safe and encouraging environment for all ranks and ratings. Families are encouraged to get involved too, particularly, young teenagers who we can teach to fly.
Annually, the RNGSA also support 2 training weeks for new pilots, run at PNGC, an oversea expedition, and other expeditions in the UK such as one to Aboyne, in Scotland, to fly in high altitude wave thrown up by the Highlands. Talgarth, in South Wales, is another regular destination to fly the ridges of the Black Mountains. Previous overseas expeditions have been to Spain,Germany, France, USA and South Africa. Suitably qualified and experienced cross country pilots are also entered into the Inter Service Championships every year, as part of the RN Team. The RN won the team event and Service Open Class competition in 2011, the first time the Navy had won the Inter Service Team Trophy. In 2012 we were 2nd to the RAF in the team event but CPO Daz Smith won the individual Service Sports Class.  
We also send pilots to British Gliding Association regional competitions every year so that they can make progress toward national selection. To date, Lt Will Ellis is in the BGA Junior National Squad.

The Joint Service Gliding Centre at RAF Halton also run adventurous training gliding courses from March to October every year which are an official AT activity and so are Duty not Leave. There are up to 21 five day courses each year which can take you from your first flight in a glider, through solo to becoming an instructor. There is no limit to the number of course you can do and they are all FREE!
The clubs in the RNGSA operate under the auspices of the British Gliding Association (BGA) and provide the all the gliding facilities and training required for the complete beginner to the most expert pilot. Every club provides that first taste of what it is like to fly like a bird and can help to achieve a pilot's first solo flight, the biggest step for any pilot, and one that every pilot remembers vividly. From there learning to soar up to thousands of feet in thermals, fly along ridges and mountain ranges and go hundreds of kilometres cross county, landing in a field if necessary! Extreme altitudes of over 20,000 feet are achievable at certain sites in the UK. All of this plus the RNGSA and Joint Service Gliding Centre can help you  achieve your Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond British Gliding Association Badges.
Come a join us to experience what it is like to soar with the eagles!