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Spirit of the Radios

Glider in the Sun


In their wisdom the Europe, the Government and CAA have decreed that the frequency separation for all aviation radios will be reduced from the present 25MHz to 8.33Mhz by 1 Jan 18.


This decision means that all the radios used by the RNGSA clubs for gliding will no longer operate beyond that date and, therefore, need to be replaced at a cost of £45,000!


The short notice of this decision makes it very difficult for the 3 club’s to raise this funding, which could not be budgeted for, in time. And no new radios = no gliding! So this was a serious threat to navy sport gliding and adventurous training expeditions.


Fortunately, help was at hand. Both the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Charity (RN&RMC) and Sports Lottery (RNSL) understood the seriousness of the situation and the importance of maintaining the good work that navy gliding does to provide service men and women of all ranks with the opportunity to take part in our exciting and exhilarating sport.


Recognising the problem is one thing but funding help was essential. Following successful bids to both charities the RNGSA have been awarded £6000 by the RN&RMC and £12000 by the RNSL towards the cost of replacement radios.


The radios have been procured and will be fitted into club aircraft and ground vehicles during the clubs winter maintenance programmes. So next summer when you have been soaring with the birds raise a glass to the RN&RMC and Sports Lottery!