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What is JSAT


The Joint Service Gliding Centre (JSGC) is part of the Joint Service Adventurous Training (JSAT) Air activities organisation run by the Training Group Defence Agency part of Personnel and Training Command within the Royal Air Force.

The stated aim of adventure training is:

"To provide a form of outdoor training for Service personnel requiring participation in challenging pursuits, by inference those which contain an ever present risk to life and limb, and calling for, from those taking part, some or all of the qualities of fitness, physical and morale courage, initiative, powers of endurance and interdependence".

To achieve this the Joint Service Gliding Centre provides 25 one week courses each year, (Instructor courses are 9 days, including two week-ends) these courses are designed to provide a ladder of progression to the participant.

Courses are based on four levels

Basic - An Ab-initio course to take the student to Solo standard.

Intermediate - A course to take the student to British Gliding Association "Bronze C" standard.

Advanced - A course to take the student to British Gliding Association "Cross country Endorsement" standard.

Instructor - A course to take the student to British Gliding Association Assistant Category Gliding Instructor.

The courses will be held at the JSGC, RAFGSA Chilterns Centre at RAF Halton

Each course is for 12 students with 4 students per instructor on the basic course. 
On other courses there are 2 students per instructor.

NB. Where gliding is not achievable due to inclement weather an additional AT is undertaken in the form of Mountain Biking where all students are expected to participate and is includued in the Joining Instructions (JI'S)

Course details and application procedures are in accordance with JSP 419. Current course dates are published in Defence Instructions and Notices (DIN).

Applying to JSAT


The NEW application process for JSAT gliding courses is on DII. Please contact RAF Halton 95237 6483 / 01296 696818 for further information.